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We are a spanish company, since it was established in 1992, dedicated to commercialize and manufacture all type of materials in the quality of our customers requirement for the petro-chemicals, chemicals, elctricals, nuclear industries, and big producing plants.

We commercialize and manufacture accesories and standard pieces on plane our sketch in all type of materials, carbono steel, stainless steel, special metal alloy, copper, special steel for valves, melted iron, wrought, bars and rounds, pvc. and pe, according to the norms ASTM/ DIN/ ISO/ UNE.

We will give you an answer to the need of your company, for the pipes supply, valves, bridless conexions, and all types of accesories for piping supports, boilers, high and low pressure, ball valves, safety, fire prevention, butterfly fot gas, retentions, motorizes, industrial iron mongery, sign post, glues, insulation, material against fire, hardware, portables pc´s, monitors, screens, printers, scanners, components, textiles, protection, footwear, gloves, and all type of clothes and labour protection.

We import and export these materials and products all over the world.

You can check our extensive catalogue and ask for a budget, without obligation (If you don´t find it, let us know).

Our articles are enorded for the experience and know-how, with more than 3000 suppliers all over the world, and the satisfaction and confiance of all our customers.

For any doubt, consultation or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail.

c/ Caleruega, núm. 18 - 28033 Madrid (Spain).


c/ San Telesforo, núm. 13 - 28017 Madrid (Spain).


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